Let's Get Personal

I was born in Christchurch, before moving to Wellington with my parents, where I have lived, mainly in Lower Hutt, off and on for the last 31 years.

I met my wife Leigh and we married in 1995 before embarking on our “Big OE” to the UK and Europe for three and a half years. That was certainly an eye-opener and we still have fond memories of the places we visited and the people we met.

On returning to New Zealand in 1999 we found that we had ticked off a number of goals we had set for ourselves; the next one was buying a home and this is where the passion for Real Estate began.

Just three months after buying this home, we uprooted and shifted to Melbourne, where Leigh was transferred with the ANZ Bank. Shortly after, our daughter Kiralee was born and not long after that, we bought our second home. We had never intended to stay in Melbourne permanently but had not made any definite decisions in this regard, so just went with the flow and enjoyed the wonderful life that Melbourne offered.

We had decided early on, that I would take on the all-important role of caregiver and that Leigh would continue with her career. Whilst Leigh was working I proceeded to renovate the home and care for the children. What an awesome, challenging and rewarding time.

Our second child Dylan was born in 2002 and around this time we were also thinking of the future, namely, would our children have an opportunity to grow up knowing their grandparents. In 2004 we returned to NZ and after some time bought a home in Lower Hutt where we’ve lived ever since.