Buying A Home

  • Talk to a mortgagee broker and get your finances pre-approved before you go shopping. There are so many mortgage options available why not leave it to the experts and it’s normally free. Also, ask your broker whether the lender will front will any money for your legal costs. Most banks do and it generally works on a sliding scale basis up to about $1000.
  • Make a prioritised wish list. This helps when working within a budget as you may have to compromise on some things in order to buy the required number of bedrooms in one of your top locations.
  • Take notes when visiting open homes; after four or five properties they will start to cloud together and you will forget some things.
  • Ask the agent good questions including; Why is the owner selling? Are there any building issues you are aware of. How long has it been on the market? What are the vendors expectations? Have there been any offers?
  • Make yourself familiar with the buying process and the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Click here to download the REAA Sale and Purchase Agreement Guide. Understand what conditions you may subject your offer to and the implications of such conditions.
  • Source a good solicitor in your area, they will need to specialise in conveyancing and remember the cheapest is not necessarily the best. I can provide you with the names of a few that are respected through the Hutt Valley.
  • If you’re interested in a particular property, ask the agent for the REINZ sales stats, the previous three months should give you a good snapshot. Ask if they have any other relevant information such as architectural plans for extensions, council records, tenancy information and general knowledge such as the proximity of schools, public transport and shops.
  • I can help you through the buying process and pride my self of delivering exceptional customer service. I provide both monthly and weekly newsletters that can keep you abreast of the market and provide you with new listings straight to your inbox. Furthermore, if you register onto my database and choose to work with me I can assist you personally with advice and expert market knowledge.

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