Selling Your Home

  • First impressions count; have a friend or relative critique your home for presentation, sometimes it’s easy to miss the simple things when you walk past it every day.
  • Weed gardens, trim trees and shrubs to allow for more light and sun and mulch gardens. However, make sure to weed properly first, the last thing you want is for the weeds to reappear through your mulch after only two or three open homes.
  • Have the roof condition assessed and repair where required, also have it cleaned and moss treated. Much easier to spend a couple of hundred now rather than have the buyer want to knock off a couple of thousand after a building inspection. Also, have the gutters cleaned at the same time.
  • Replace all burnt out light bulbs, replace washers on dripping taps and make sure all door handles/locks work well and that there are no squeaking hinges. When buyers notice these little things they then start to look a little closer for bigger things.
  • Clean down all doors and walls where required, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Clean all windows inside and out and if required have the curtains cleaned.
  • Have all carpets professionally cleaned and all stains removed. The do it your self units are ok but leave this job to the professionals, the stains are especially important.
  • Ensure the house gives the feeling of space by de-cluttering; take all the “stuff” of the fridge door and box up a lot of your possessions that you’re not using.
  • Have cut flowers on display and when open homes are on have light background music playing; buyers tend to feel a little more comfortable when there is some background noise.
  • Ensure all pets are away from the property, I found out early in my career that there are a number of people that are even afraid of cats. In one house I was selling the tenant had a rat! Although it was caged one buyer left without looking any further.
  • If necessary replace the rubbers on the door to the shower and the silicon in the corners. Also, check the silicone around the bath and vanity.
  • Ensure that the house is spick and span and especially the kitchen and bathroom, remove unused appliances on the kitchen bench.
  • Repair any cracked or broken windows.

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